We understand the inter-linkages of healthcare delivery and its impact on the ecosystem. Therefore, we work towards creating a service culture that meets the demands of all factors that involve people and operations. We use and implement international standards and processes including microfiber systems, infection control protocols, IT tools for productivity planning, TAB-based inspections, efficiency mapping, KPI indicators, dashboard reports, discharge efficiency through real-time HL7 platform and CMMS for facility operations and maintenance.

Our healthcare support program includes the following services:

a) Environmental Services (EVS): Includes services for applications that are critical, clinical & non-clinical, public areas and floor care.

b) Facility Operations and Maintenance (FOM): Includes services for utility & bio-medical equipment operations and maintenance.

c) Central Transport (CT): Includes services that focus on movement of patient, specimen, F&B and documents.

d) Dietary F&B Services: Focus includes providing patient meal services, beverage vending and operation of food court.